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Actividades / Действия
January 4, 2008 - Russian Annual "Old" New Year Celebration this year took place at the house of Sra Mercedes Borges, a big supporter of the Foundation. The event was a reunion of Puerto Rican and Russian-speaking families with children, complete with Story Teller (Tinna Nikolaevna), Ded Moroz/Abuelo Frio (Roberto), Snegurochka/Blancanieves (Elena Volynetz) and a tipical Russian (Natalya). Click here to view more pictures from Kodak Gallery.
January 14, 2007 - Russian "Old" New Year Celebration this year took place in beautiful recreational area of El Palmar de la Montana in Trujillo Alto. This event is organized by Foundation of Education for Russian Children Living in Puerto Rico. There were about twice a number of families compared to last year, which was deemed a great success and meant it was a happy party, with many children running around in costumes, complete with Story Teller (Tinna Nikolaevna), Ded Moroz/Abuelo Frio (Jose) and Snegurochka/Blancanieves (Anastasia).
August 20, 2006 - This was Russian delegation's third year of participating in Lares International Festival and Parade. There were three parade participants: Natalya, Tanya and John. In addition, Tinna Nikolaevna and her sister sang Ochi Chernye and other songs on stage. Stuart (Natalya's husband) ran the Russian tent selling matryoshkas, matryoshka keychains and pins. Natasha's husband was the Parade photographer. The participants on the picture are (from left): Natasha, Tinna Nikolaevna and Natalya. Click here to view more pictures from Kodak Gallery.
June 2006 - Ancient Russian Military Traditions demonstrated in the City of Novgorod during the June 2006 St. Petersburg - Novgorod - Moscow Puerto Rico tourists trip with Anastasia P. Kitsul, the Honoraray Consul of the Russian Federation in Puerto Rico.
March 2006 - Russian Trouppe sings Ochi Cherny/Ojos Negros again at the Autism benefit concert in Embassy Suites. Attendees include (from the left): Lisa, Ana, Marina, Natalya, Prof. Olivares, Tinna Nikolaevna & Anastasia.
April 6, 2006 - Russian-Puerto Rican community members are recognized in the Ceremony Celebrating Russo-Rican Community Achievements by Puerto Rico Secretary of State. Attendees include Secretary of State Lcdo. Fernando J. Bonilla, Dr. Sergei Skatchkov, Russian Honorary Consult Anastasia Kitsul, Decano de Investigaciones, Dr. Luis Cubano, Decano de la Escuela de Medicina, Jose Ginel Rodriguez, Presidenta de la Universidad, Dra. Nilda Candelario, Natalia Skatchkova, Dr. Mikhail Inyushin, Dr. Yuriy Kucheryavykh, Dra. Lilia Kucheryavykh and Dra. Misty Eaton. Please see attached press release <resources/Comunicado+Prensa+Consulado+Rusia2.pdf> (In Spanish) for more information.
January 7, 2006 - Russian New Year's Event - Elka. Participants included: Anastasia (as Narrator), Victor (as Musician), Yolanda (as Snegurochka), Jose (as Ded Moroz, i.e. Russian Santa Claus), Lena and Tinna Nikolaevna. Click here <> to view more pictures from Kodak Gallery.
December 2005 - The work "Laberintho" by Puerto Rican artist Martin Garcia is celebrated at Galerias Prinardi in Hato Rey for winning at the Trienal del Grabado de Ural (2004).
2005 - Theater Play La Promesa by Russian playwrite Alexi Arbuzov is attended by Russian community. Picture shows cast of the play.
August 2005 - Second year that Russian Delegation participates in Lares International Culture Fest and Parade. There are about 20 of us in the parade doing "Rucheyok". We offer food and matryoshkas at the tent. About ten of us get on stage to sing Katusha and Ochi Cheorny/Ojos Negros, which is a big hit! Singers include (from the left): Natasha, Lena, Vitya (guitar), Nader, Prof. Olivares, Stuart, Chris, Anastasia, Tanya and Natalya. Click here to view more pictures from Kodak Gallery.
August 2004 - First time Russian delegation participates in Lares International Festival and Parade, including presenting a Russian tent where we were offering pinchos and "Olivie" salad (ensalada rusa). There were three of us in the parade - Anastasia, Natalya and Gana from Aguadilla.